CROSS SIZE:   37”(h)x26”(w) 609-841-0172 road side memorial in durable PVC KIT CONTENTS        INSTALLATION GUIDE          INFO 609-841-0172 ORDERING INFORMATION: Our beautifully detailed carved cross memorials are made of high quality, maintenance free thick white PVC plastic with loved one’s name and date of passing engraved into cross and comes as an  easy to install kit. The kit includes cross, steel ground stake and hardware. Everything needed for an easy installation using only a hammer and pliers. A fitting and elegant tribute to a loved one’s memory. These maintenance free roadside cross memorials will not rot or rust, never need repainting and have no vinyl letters to peel and flake off. Our PVC engraved memorials make a lasting tribute to a lost loved one and will endure the test of time and the harsh extremes of road conditions. Our Roadside and Highway Cross memorials are available in four models, The Standard, The Regent, The Highlander, The Monarch and now The Royal Cross. All crosses are the same size in overall dimensions...35”(h)x 23”(w) with 2” average inscription height. The largest cross offered on the web with custom sizes available. ALL our crosses are 35” in height. Artwork and our photo plaques are available on any cross* The Standard...............$139.00 (plus shipping) The Regent...................$179.00 (plus shipping) The Highlander...........$179.00 (plus shipping) The Monarch................$215.00 The Royal Cross with photo........$229.00 The Memory Plaque..............$49.00     The memory plaque can be added to any of our memorial crosses,      made of PVC and features a photo of the deceased. 9” high by 6”      in width with decorative edges and of photo of your choice. (photo      to be supplied by customer) All highway - road side  cross memorials include engraved filigree designs, engraved names and dates, beveled edges and installation kit. Delivery time is usually within 1 week from order. For more information about our roadside cross memorial, complete pvc cross and installation kit for easy site installation, click on the tabs below. I too have suffered a loss of loved ones due to a highway accident, I have seen many road side crosses and memorials deteriorate due to weather and the need to replace these memorials frequently. Being a sign shop owner for over 30 years  and working with all the new materials available for exterior signage  I decided to create an easy to install, long lasting roadside, or roadway / highway memorial cross that would not need replacing due to weather for many, many years. The names and dates are engraved into the PVC and painted with an oil base black paint, the ground steak is made from 1/4” angle steel and the kit comes pre-drilled and ready for site installation...many of our customer have told us that this was the most elegant, easy to order and install cross memorial they have used. Our delivery time is allocated at 2 weeks but in many cases we have delivered our highway memorial cross in less time. Thank you for visiting our site and please accept my deepest sympathy at your loss. I hope that our highway memorial cross can ease your burdens in some small way.......Bill Stouch If you would like to order one of our Highway and Roadside memorials and would like to speak with someone, please call 609-841-0172 and ask for Bill. or use the Buy Now button and fill in the info...  We are a small “home based” company and we believe personal contact is still the best. Thank You...... highway crosses, white road memorials cross The Regent Memorial Cross offers an additional area above and below the deceased name for Scriptures or sayings The Memorial Cross is 35” (h) x 23”(w) and is made of high quality white PVC plastic. All lettering is engraved into the PVC for durability and beauty The Regent memorial cross comes with the standard installation kit. .....$179.00 (plus shipping). Roses......+$20.00.....   Memory Plaque...........+$49.00   PERSONALIZED ROAD SIDE & HIGHWAY MEMORIAL CROSSES MADE OF MAINTENANCE FREE PVC PLASTIC A division of Lettering Plus Sign Co. Interstate road cross memorials EMAIL: Please send all info such as model of cross, name, dates and picture (if Memory Plaque is desired) in your e-mail and we will make a layout drawing at no cost.   FREE Layout and Design service ROADWAY CROSS.COM ROAD MEMORIAL CROSS If you have any problems with the INFO tab - please copy and past the address in your e-mail address bar...thank you ROAD SIDE & HIGHWAY MEMORIAL CROSSES IN ENGRAVED PVC NO PAINTING, NO CLEAR COATING, NO MAINTENCE  MEMORIAL CROSS COMES READY TO INSTALL WITH EVERYTHING INCLUDED! and DELIVERY WITHIN 1 WEEK* The Memory Plaque.................................................+$49.00     The memory plaque can be added to any of our memorial crosses made of PVC and features a full color photo. 9” high by 6” in width with decorative edges and of photo of your choice. (photo to be supplied by customer) The photo is laminated to the PVC plaque with a UV (Ultra Violet) protective coating for outdoor durability. Please note that the plaque must be ordered in addition to a cross, we use pictures sent by customers and we sometimes adjust color and crop to fit the plaque. Please send the best quality picture you have in a PDF, JPEG or GIF format. Please call or e-mail for more information Roadside cross picture plaque roadside memorial ORDER HERE Butterfly Shamrock Dove Vinyl cut art available for  crosses in substitution of roses....$20.00 Flower Praying hands Roadway cross memorial Prayer Hands Cruces conmemorativos laterales del camino All of the artwork below is priced at $20.00..please specify art when ordering roadside memorial marker Custom art available upon request...prices to be determined PLEASE INCLUDE PHONE NUMBER IN ADDRESS BAR Celtic crosses for Memorials made of PVC Celtic style road side memorial crosses FOR THE STANDARD  and REGENT Road side memorial with picture a road side memorial cross The Regent The Regent with Memory Plaque Dedication and Donation Plaques.................$115.00 We now offer plaques for our crosses that feature dedication or donation information Dedications Plaque for Roadway Cross memorials and roadside memorials These plaques offer extra copy space that is not available for engraving on our crosses due to sizing constraints. All lettering is engraved into the plaque as per the lettering on the cross Approx 5 lines of copy avaialble, up to approx 80 charachters
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Bill, Just wanted to tell you the crosses were wonderful!!! I can't thank you enough for getting them done so quickly and perfectly. We will deft be back in the future!!! Adrian April 12, 2017 cat, dog, pet memorials for graves or garden Memory plaque roadside memorial Memory plaque photo image for roadway and highway memorials The Standard Roadside Memorial Cross Cruces conmemorativos laterales del camino For those looking for a simple, elegant and cost effective memorial cross, we recommend the Standard. Made of high quality PVC with deep engraved letters. Name, dates and installation kit included. Optional Roses custom art and Memory Plaque available. See optional art and Memory Plaque info below.....size 35” height x 23 inches wide. Celtic crosses for Memorials made of PVC Celtic Memorial Cross with Memory Plaque Celtic Style road side memorial for accident victims Custom made roadside memorial I received the cross today and i am very happy with it and the service will definitely recommend you keep up the good work. QLQ Haul & Landscaping Mon, Apr 23, 2018 03:00 PM High Quality weather resistant Pet Memorials in PVC Memorials to our furry friends Roadside Memorial Crosses ROAD SIDE MEMORIAL MARKER road side crosses "un duradero Tributo a un Lost amó a un " Cruces conmemorativos laterales del camino *IN MOST CASES Thanks I got it! It looks really great! Perfect size and perfect everything! Thank you so much! Allan Tue, Jul 10, 2018 09:02 AM PLEASE SEND ALL TEXT FOR REGENT CROSS DRAWING USING THE BUTTON BELOW Received the cross today and it looks amazing. Thank you. Thu, Dec 20, 2018 08:09 PM Matt
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Sat, May 11, 2019 I received the cross a couple of days ago, it is beautiful and more that what I expected. Thank you for the time and care you put into making this cross! SIOBHAN Roadside cross memorials e-mail Questions on how to order? Call 609-841-0172 and ask for Bill Thank you so much!!  I received the cross on Saturday. It is beautiful!! You do excellent work at very reasonable price!! Theresa Sent: Mon, Sep 16, 2019 06:06 PM Bikers memorial Rest In Peace
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