by LETTERING PLUS SIGN COMPANY STEP ONE 609-841-0172 instaslling a road memorial Place mounting stake, pointed side down, flat side with holes toward top. Each steak is marked with a red line indicating ground level. Each stake is marked with a red line indicating ground level, and a red X which should be faced toward roadway or whichever way Memorial will face. Using hammer, pound stake into  ground until red line meets the dirt HELPFUL NOTE......MAKE SURE STAKE IS AS STRAIGHT AS POSSIBLE WHILE POUNDING INTO GROUND AS IT WILL EFFECT THE STRAIGHTNESS OF CROSS! installing a highway memorial cross STEP 2 Stop when red line is level with ground personal road memorial cross STEP 3 Place back of cross against mounting stake - pre drilled holes should line up....push bolts (supplied) through holes in cross (head of bolt on lettered side) slip on washers and thread on nuts as shown...tighten with pliers, or wrench. roadside and roadway memorials COMPLETED INSTALLATION highway road cross memorial cross kit FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS TO INSTALL YOUR ROAD SIDE CROSS MEMORIAL Your Roadway Cross Memorial is now correctly and strongly secure. The high quality PVC will stand up to weather elements and tough road conditions, giving you peace of mind for years to come. Thank you choosing Roadway Cross Memorials for all your memorial needs Lettering Plus Signs Roadway Cross Memorials is a division of Lettering Plus Sign Co, makers of all types of signs and graphics in South Jersey Phone Orders.................... Personalized Road Side Memorials made from weather resistant PVC vinyl Please print this easy step by step instruction sheet for use when installing cross at site EMAIL Roadway Cross Memorials is a Division of Lettering Plus Sign Company, Pedricktown, NJ Easy Install Memorial crosses for roads, highways, cemeteries. Guía de instalación fácil Open weekdays 6am to 10:00pm - Saturdays 6:00am to 10:00pm - Closed Sunday largest size roadside memorial Celtic crosses for Memorials made of PVC Celtic style road side memorial crosses Roadside cross memorials Bikers memorial
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