Why do people place crosses on the side of road? A cross on the side of the road usually means that someone passed away from a motor vehicle accident or similar incident, at or around that location. You will find these all across the United States, but the idea of placing a memorial alongside the road dates back over two hundred years in the American Southwest and is now found in every state, and has caiught on in foreign countries also. by LETTERING PLUS SIGN COMPANY cemetery markers temporary and permanent A roadside memorial is a marker that usually commemorates a site where a person died suddenly and unexpectedly, away from home. creative roadside cross with pictures Personalised roadside memorial with graphics Personalized road side memorial cross with flower vase roadside memorial marker crosses Standard cross with flowers highway road memorial Road side memorial with guitar and picture If you are seeking the finest in cross memorials for the roadside, garden or cemetery, ROADWAYCROSS odffers the largest, most durable crosses available. Made from “sign quality” PVC with engraved letters, these memorial crosses will not rot or fade like wooden crosses. There will be no peeling vinyl letters as in some others. 609-841-0172 Open weekdays 6am to 10:00pm - Saturdays 6:00am to 10:00pm - Closed Sunday Why do people do roadside memorials? Many cultures have a tradition of establishing spontaneous roadside memorials following a fatal road crash. These memorials mark the place where someone died prematurely, which allows their loved ones to publicly mourn the death and may a lso serve to warn other drivers of dangerous road conditions Biker style memorial crosses weatherproof, Denkmal am Stra▀enrand im Biker-Stil, Monumento al borde de la carretera de estilo motero Military memorial inspired cross Roadside memorials by Roadway Cross.com Celtic style memorial roadside Celtic style memorial with picture of deceased creative cross memorials angel winged memorials, Cruz Conmemorativa de las Alas de los ┴ngeles plastic road cross kit
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